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Ephesians 2: 8-9
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith -
And this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God -
Not by works, so that no one can boast.

This painting of Jesus was created by the English artist, Simon Dewey and is used with permission.
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This is my eighth sports history for Ashland High School and possibly the last. While it has taken over three decades to accumulate the information, this effort merits three considerations: the motivation, the inspiration, and the appreciation.

First is the motivation. The purpose has been to provide coaches and players a sense of the successes and traditions of their sport. It was a thrill to see the basketball team beat Lexington for the 1000th win. When a golfer is told that we have won 17 of the last 19-league championships, and our teams have been to State 20 times, and we've won it twice, the expectation level is a little higher that just going out for the team. I look forward to the excitement of this 100th season of AHS football.

Secondly is the inspiration. When I interviewed for the head football coach position in 1970, the AD Sam Marchio said that they had over 90 applicants and the questioning would be intense. The single question that still sticks in my mind was, "You started the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Trotwood, but do you intend to attend the meetings here at Ashland?" Of course and I met their leader Doug Denbow.

We began looking for a location for a possible FCA retreat, and we went to a camp in Mohican forest. On some hilltop Doug said, "Paul, what do you want your life to count for here in Ashland?" I replied that I would like it to point toward Jesus Christ.

Last year on Jeff Alan's Sport Talk (Channel 68-TV Mansfield) about the Lincoln Highway Leagues Jeff said, "Paul, this represents a lot of time and travel bottom line what inspired you to do this? I responded, "Jeff, you notice at the beginning of every booklet that I've written I have a Bible verse which points to The Lord Jesus, that's the bottom line - His glory."

Finally, this is the appreciation. I began coaching in 1958 and over that time there are two very successful entrepreneurs, both linebackers and great leaders, whom I have admired and they've endeared themselves to me: Gary Aiken in Trotwood and Bill Chandler in Ashland. Without Bill, as my benefactor, Arrow Addendum and this web site would not have been available to the Ashland fans. However, I still count his friendship more important than the financial support. Thanks, Bill!

Secondly, I want to express my appreciation for Cathy Buscher, who was a godsend and the talented Webmaster for my two web sites: Lincoln Highway Leagues and this Century of Arrows football. Great work, Cathy!

A final list must include the following: the AHS Athletic Directors: Sam Marchio, Ev DeVaul and Rick Brindley; the printing work of Terry and Scott Lash, plus Kehl Color; and the sources from the Ashland Times-Gazette, microfilm at the Ashland Public Library, and the Ashland University Archives. Last of all, the AHS Yearbooks and the Athletic Department Record Books which Sid Boyd originally started for our posterity.

As a postscript to this website, the logo was designed by Gary Underwood of Detrow & Underwood. A committee of Matt Underwood, Rick Brindley, and Paul Dienstberger choose the final design. Gary, also, plans to make patches available for the Centennial Celebration. The official celebration will be Friday Sept 8th during the halftime of the Shelby game. The plans include a photograph of all former players and coaches in attendance to line up on the field in the shape of a football.

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